About Regal-TC

    Regal-TC offers practical and effective solutions to support adoption and/or improvement of Best Practice methods in both the public and private sector. In addition to governance, risk, programme, project and change management, a range of specialist services including Assessments, Business Continuity and Executive support, is available.


    With a broad range of training levels; from Overviews to Advanced Level courses, on-site or public, you can be assured Regal-TC will bring benefits to you.

    Regal-TC Training objectives:-

    • Deliver information by ‘bringing it to life’ with real-life examples of use.
    • Support a variety of learning styles to engage all delegates.
    • Provide excellent Exam-Preparation with proven exam-techniques (where appropriate).
    • Support delegates in learning how to apply Best Practice effectively in the ‘Real World’.


    Offering practical and effective solutions to support adoption or improvement of Best Practice methods in your organisation.

    Regal-TC Consultancy objectives: –

    • Ensure all work identified is clearly scoped with objectives for delivery and support services and recognition of roles and responsibilities.
    • Support Senior Management decision-making with specialist advice and assurance.
    • Bring an independent perspective to delivery with a focus on the Business Case.
    • Enable effective communications with all parties.