M_o_R ® Foundation/Practitioner


The M_o_R risk management guidance can be applied to any organisation wishing to implement a risk-based approach into their organisation. It aims to provide a properly implemented structured approach necessary to provide internal controls to business change undertakings. This event provides delegates with a structure which will assist them, in implementing a risk framework without being prescriptive. M_o_R provides senior managers’ with the opportunity to ‘manage by exception’. This aims to ensure that they incorporate controls which protect the organisation in compliance with corporate governance, whilst protecting shareholders and the public. M_o_R handles this by providing the structure for a suitable decision support environment.

The events are intensive and evening work is expected as well as pre-course preparation prior to the event.

Foundation Exams

  • Foundation events are 3 days.
  • The course is a mixture of input and practical sessions covering the M_o_R method.
  • On the 3 rd day, the Foundation exam is taken. Immediately after the exam, the papers are marked by the approved trainer and the results available on the day for delegates. (Successful candidates will receive a certificate reflecting their pass)
  • The Foundation exam is a 45 question multiple choice paper. You require 23 marks or more to pass.

Practitioner Exams

  • After completing the Foundation exam, the Practitioner event then moves onto a revision of the method. Delegates are provided with a structured day to cover principal topics (which are tuned by the Event Manager). Exam techniques and time management are provided in the form of Tips and Tricks. Delegates are provided with the opportunity to complete some sample questions, with feedback available from the Event Manager, and fellow delegates.
  • Practitioner events are 5 days, combining the Foundation level 3 day event with the last 2 days being focused on revision and preparation for the Practitioner exam.
  • For those delegates wishing to take the Practitioner exam, the Foundation exam is a pre-requisite.
  • The Practitioner examination (controlled and marked by the APM Group) is available on the final day of the event (Friday) for delegates wishing to be registered as a M_o_R Practitioner.
  • The objectives of the Practitioner exam are to enable candidates to demonstrate an understanding of M_o_R and the ability to apply the framework in an appropriate way given a set of circumstances described in a given scenario. The Practitioner exam uses objectively tested examination questions (OTE) which require a candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices for a which the correct answer is pre-determined.
  • The Practitioner exam is a 3-hour open book format meaning that candidates are allowed to have access to their own copy of the M_o_R guidance tohether with their own copy of the ABC Consultaing Ltd Sample: Risk Documents and Worked Examples of some of the Common Techniques (provided as standard on all Regal M_o_R Practitioner events). These can be annotated but must have no additional notes inserted.
  • The Practitioner exam comprises 9 questions covering any of the 9 areas of the Practitioner exam syllabus. Each of the 9 questions is worth 20 marks. The total number of marks available is 180 marks and the pass mark is (50%) 90 marks overall with no need to pass each individual question