Practitioner level – Re-Registration Exam: open-book format

Candidates must be able to demonstrate their understanding of, and the application of, the whole Guidance including the Appendices.

Case study based – the case study Company Overview will have significant content (probably 15-20 pages) and may be made available to candidates one week or more before candidate is due to sit examination. Additional case study information will be provided with the Examination Paper.

The paper will have 2 sections:
• Section A: Contains a compulsory question, attracting a total of 15 marks. The question addresses the strategic perspective of the organisation as described in the case study material provided in advance. Candidates must attempt this question.
• Section B: Contains a set of 2 questions each worth 25 marks. One question relates to the programme or project perspective and the other to the operational perspective. Additional case study material is provided with the exam in the form of a Programme Briefing document, a Project Briefing document and an Operational Briefing document. Candidates must answer 1 of the 2 questions. If a candidate attempts more than 1 question then the Examiner will mark the first to appear unless the candidate makes it clear which answer they wish to have marked
• The pass mark is an overall mark of 50% (i.e. 20 out of the 40 marks available)
• The number of marks awarded to each question will be clearly indicated on the Paper.
• The allowed time is 75 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes pre-reading time.