What is MSP®?

MSP- Managing Successful Programmes

Programme management, is a method of implementing controlled change in a company. It seeks to realise an end goal through the coordination of people, activities and information. The tools that can be acquired through the ‘Managing Successful Programmes,’ course allows a Programme Manager to draw together a series of projects to achieve successful outcomes from the outputs of the relevant projects.

MSP provides the information necessary to carry out these programmes at every stage of the process. Initially MSP gives focus and definition to a programme’s objectives, both in conception and throughout its lifespan, conferring a sense of direction upon all those involved. Developing from this, MSP provides the structure for the effective organisation and implementation of programmes allowing the Programme Manager both to manage and channel diverse projects towards a single end goal.

To encourage dialogue between the projects, within a programme, MSP enables the development of channels of communication, within an organisational structure, promoting shared responsibility at all levels and helping, in turn, to encourage a unified sense of purpose.

MSP imposes a relevant and proven structure upon the implementation of change. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in achieving goals ranging from societal to organisational change through mediums as diverse as construction or policy strategy.

The MSP approach complements the OGC’s guidance on project and risk management.