Course Descriptions

MSP Foundation, Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner


  • This course is designed to offer a coherent and practical model to all those involved in the implementation of Programme Management allowing them to maximise efficiency and flexibility.

Course Format

This course is available to delegates wishing to take the Foundation, Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner exams. For On-site courses, there are a number of course options available;
• 3-day Foundation only
• 4-day Foundation only
• 4 day Foundation and Practitioner exams
• 5 day Practitioner (includes Foundation and Practitioner exams)
The standard public course is a 5-day Practitioner event combining the Foundation and Practitioner exams. (Please call Regal TC if you wish to receive information about the other course options available)

A 5-day event will cover the MSP ® Practitioner syllabus with the Foundation multiple-choice exam during the afternoon on the third . Each of the days will be a combination of workshops and lectures and discussions to prepare for the exams including practising sample questions for the Practitioner paper. Practitioner delegates are also asked to complete homework on sample questions, upon which they are provided with feedback and advice on exam techniques including scenario analysis and time management. Delegates always consider this an invaluable part of preparation for the exams.


There are no pre-requisites to taking the Foundation exam, although delegates are strongly advised to have undertaken some study of the MSP manual and completed to Regal Pre-Course workbook prior to taking the exam.
This level provides for a general understanding of the fundamental principles of MSP based on the manual. The course is intended for those who intend to work within a programme environment, who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the practice. It is also the starting point for the higher level qualifications of Intermediate and Practitioner.

  • Foundation events are generally 3 day events unless combined to cover the other levels of exams, detailed below.
  • The Foundation course is a mixture of input and practical sessions covering the MSP method.
  • On the 3rd day, the Foundation exam is taken. Immediately after the exam, the papers are marked by the approved Trainer and the results available on the day for delegates. (These will be confirmed later with a certificate from the APM Group)
    The Foundation exam is a 40 minute, 50 question multiple choice paper. You require 30 marks or more to pass. This is a closed-book examination.


Delegates must have passed the Foundation exam prior to taking the Practitioner exam.
This level provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles and theory of the MSP manual. This is intended for someone coming into a programme management perhaps (although not necessarily) from project management and as a stepping stone from the concepts and general level to a higher level of understanding. It is also anticipated that anyone wishing to move into other programme roles within the programme would be aiming to achieve this level to help them to gain the relevant theory and understanding.

  • This is the 2nd qualification for MSP
  • 150 minutes long inc reading time.
  • The test is open book, with only the MSP manual allowed
  • The Practitioner Objective Test is 9 questions each worth 20 marks.
  • The test is worth a total of 180 marks.
  • An overall score of 90 marks or more is required to pass.

Advanced Practitioner

This level is intended for Programme Managers and aspiring Programme Managers demonstrating an excellent understanding in the principles and theory of the MSP manual supported by practical application and a good general level of understanding that comes from having worked within large programmes.

  • This is the 3rd qualification and is 150 minutes long.
  • The exam is based on the APMG case study, issued prior to the course with the Pre-Course reading, and is referred to in practical sessions throughout the Regal Training course. This exam tests the delegate’s ability to apply MSP principles to the Case Study.
  • This is an ‘open book’ exam and you are therefore allowed to bring any paper-based reference material including your manual into the exam.