The standard one day* event aims to provide an introduction to the PRINCE2 ®Methodology. PRINCE2 has a “Process-Based” approach to project management with supporting Components and Techniques. PRINCE2 is suitable for managing any size of project in any environment. PRINCE2 is steadily being viewed as “best practice” project management and continues to be taken up by leading private sector companies as well as public sector organisations in the UK and overseas.
*Events can be tailored to the Clients needs. Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we will endeavor to deliver best value to you.


The day commences with an introductory session to broadly set the scene. At high-level, the elements that are PRINCE2 i.e. Processes, Themes, and Principles will be identified and briefly explained. We will help to establish what PRINCE2 is, and just as importantly, what PRINCE2 is not.
There are seven main Processes within PRINCE2, from Start-up a Project, through to Closing A Project. A high level Process Map will be produced to illustrate how the Processes work and come together. Additionally the communication flows of project information between each Process will be developed. Overall this will provide a summary of how PRINCE2 operates to manage any project.


There are aspects of project management that must be addressed continually. If a project manager pays attention to these then the project is more likely to be successful and handles in a structured professional manner. The strenth of PRINCE2 is the way that the seven themes are integrated and this is achieved through them being designed to work together

The Themese are:

• Business Case
• Organization
• Quality
• Plans
• Risk
• Change
• Progress


Since PRINCE2 can be used on any size project in any environment, PRINCE2 cannot provide much of ‘How’ to do things. The way we manage small and large projects will vary. You would not expect to spend the same amount of time, money, resources on a small project to e.g. plan a holiday, as you would expect on a large project e.g. building a community hospital. This is possible because PRINCE2 is principles-based. Principles are charaterized as:

• Universal – they apply to evert project
• Self-validating – they have been proven in pracice over many years
• Empowering – enable practitioners of the method to managed with confidence as they shape their project

The seven principles are:

• Continued business justification
• Learn from experience
• Defined roles and responsibilities
• Manage by stages
• Manage by exception
• Focus on products
• Tailor to suit the project environment


PRINCE2 has a process-based approach to project management. A process is a structured set of activities designed to achieve a specific objective. The processes of PRINCE2 help the project through its lifecycle from start to close.

There are seven processes in PRINCE2, which provide a set of activities to durect, manage and deliver a project successfully.

The Processes are:

• Starting up a Project
• Directing a Project
• Initiating a Project
• Controlling a Stage
• Managing Product Delivery
• Managing a Stage Boundary
• Closing a Project


This event aims to provide delegates with a good basic level of understanding of PRINCE2 and the value it can bring to the organisation, the team, and the individual. The knowledge gained will assist with the decision making of whether to progress with implementation and use of PRINCE2.


The event will be delivered by an APM Group approved trainer. The Overview will be “driven” by the creation of a high-level” Process Map of the PRINCE2 Method which will be used to identify the main Components of the method for interactive discussion between attendees.

Course Length

1 Day Classroom Training. For the associated costs of this event call us on +44 (0)845 241-4001
Please Note: This course is available as a single company event only.