Re-Registration Examination

    Background and Current Requirements

    In response to the requirements of the European Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies it is necessary to update your PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification. This forms an aspect of their drive for continuous improvement.

    The PRINCE2 Examination Board has determined that all PRINCE2 Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 years of their original certification. This re-registration comprises a 1-hour examination set at the same standard as the Practitioner examination. All Practitioners who have taken the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification since October 2000 have agreed or are agreeing to this requirement as part of their initial application and so are now designated as Registered Practitioners.

    Practitioners certified prior to October 2000 have the opportunity to take the re-registration examination in order to demonstrate their commitment to professional development. This is particularly important following the recent upgrading of the PRINCE2 Manual and its greater focus on Business Case and the Management of Risk.

    Those who have qualified since January 2001 or have voluntarily undertaken the re-registration qualification are designated as Registered Practitioners, which enables Employers and prospective Employers to be confident with the current nature of their knowledge and commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

    What you can do to update your qualification

    Regal-TC offer briefing sessions to bring Practitioners up to date and help them to prepare for the examination. Naturally having taken the PRINCE2 qualification some time ago, you may need a degree of re-education in the details of PRINCE2. To reflect this need we the following solutions:

    A Two day Re-registration course aimed at providing a refresher in current PRINCE2 thinking. The first day of this course will be dedicated to re-appraising you with the PRINCE2 method and ensuring that you are comfortable about taking the exam on the second day.

    A Three-day Refresher course aimed at providing a more detaileld review, The first day you will be involved in joining a class of delegates prior to them taking their Foundation exam. This will provide you with an opportunity to feel comfortable back at the Foundation level, prepared then to go on to Pracitioner on the 2nd day with the exam the morning of the 3rd day.

    Please note that the PRINCE2 manual will most likely have changed since you completed your previous exam and so our course provides a copy of the latest manual as well as the exam.

    For further information on pricing and process for taking the Re-Registration Exam please contact us.